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09 August 2018 @ 01:40 pm
★; Music | Dir en Grey, NIN, Gackt, Anna Tsuchiya, Lady GaGa, Britney Spears, AnCafe, Pierrot, Angelo, Sponge, Kagrra, Kirito, Plastic Tree, Rentrer en Soi, Tsukiko Amano, Aural Vampire, Girlicious, Wonder Girls, Nobuo Uematsu, Shadow Hearts OST, Death Note OST, Linkin Park, Cheetah Girls, Ashley Tisdale, Beyonce, Ciara, Eminem, Gwen Stefani, No Doubt, Paramore, Justin Timberlake, Pussycat Dolls, Within Temptation, Lucia, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Korn, MDFMK (KMFDM), Offspring, Powerman 5000, Koda Kumi, Olivia Lufkin, Stabbing Westward, Royal Pirates, G-Dragon, 4minute, Hyun Ah, Miss A, DBSK, SHINee, and much, much more.

★; Television | Scrubs, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, Family Guy, American Dad, The Cleveland Show, How I Met Your Mother, Fringe, Pretty Little Liars, Better Off Ted, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Farscape, Stargate SG-1, Weeds, True Blood, Supernatural, The Simpsons, Accidentally on Purpose, Cougar Town, Tosh.0, Witches of Eastwick, Lie to Me, Malcolm in the Middle, Psych, Sarah Silverman Program, Secret Girlfriend, The Guild, The War at Home, V (New Series), etc etc

★; Ani/Manga | Full Metal Alchemist, Sailor Moon, D.Gray-man, Hana Kimi, Demon Diary, Death Note, Hell Girl, Ouran High School Host Club, D.N.Angel, Devil Beside You, Lucky Star, Azumanga, Gunslinger Girl, Shin-chan, Dragon Ball, Gundam Wing, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Hana Yori Dango, Card Captor Sakura, Kiki's Delivery Service, Air Gear, Angel Diary, Ceres Celestial Legend, Fushigi Yugi, Kuroshitsuji, Karin, Marmalade Boy, Outlaw Star, Peach Girl, Pita-Ten, Utena, Trinity Blood, Vampire Knight, Vampire Princess Miyu, Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, WallFlower, Weiss Kreuz, Umineko and etc, etc. I rarely pay any attention to most anime or manga, anymore. These used to interest me, but they don't hold as strongly anymore.

★; Video Games | Shadow Hearts (All), Silent Hill (1, 3, 4, Homecoming, SM), Resident Evil (All), Fatal Frame (All), Katamari (All), Final Fantasy (III, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XIII, Crisis Core), Mystic Quest, Illusion of Gaia Ku-on, Wild Arms (III), Zelda (All), Tales of Symphonia, Tales of Legendia, Kingdom Hearts (I), Parasite Eve (All), Legend of the Dragoon, Sims (3), Spryo (1), Dead Rising, Infinite Undiscovery, Tomb Raider: Underworld, Raving Rabbids, Fable II, Alan Wake, Deadly Premonition, The Last Remnant, etc
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10 April 2012 @ 02:55 pm
On Easter Sunday, I went to check up on my parakeet (George) because he had been acting strangely.  As I was checking on him, I noticed something very strange: in the corner of his cage there were four very tiny, and very real bird eggs.  Admittedly, it took me a minute or two of staring to realize that, yes, my boy bird was not a boy bird, and he had indeed laid eggs.

My boy bird.  Was a girl bird.  And I've called her George for nearly 12 years.  TOO LATE TO CHANGE THAT NOW.

Easter was hectic, and spent with the family.  We watched Battle: Los Angeles (which I really enjoyed), and then followed it up with Shutter (American Remake), all the while eating sweet ham, deviled eggs that were speckled in greens and pinks, and the best potato salad in the world (seriously).  It was loud, and migraine inducing, but enjoyable.  We were going to watch Dawn of The Dead (Remake) because zombies are kind of necessary during Zombie Jesus Day, but it was getting late, and schools started back up on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, I made bread for the very first time, and I must tell you that it wasn't pretty.  For some reason, the bread didn't rise (I'm thinking it may have been due to how cool it was in the house), and so it ended up very dense, but still good.  It looked kind of like a squiggly caterpillar.  Without the hair.

BUT.  I plan to try again today!
12 February 2012 @ 11:33 am
❥  All right.  My current obsession is, uh, Sherlock.  It's the first television show in a long while that I've been able to watch multiple times (that isn't a comedy--comedies I can watch a million and one times without getting bored) without getting tired of.

❥ I actually thought the main characters were kind of fug when I first started watching.  I'm so used to almost unnaturally beautiful people on television that I was kind of put off by their characters appearance--They looked normal instead of jaw dropping gorgeous.  Of course, now I think they're amazingly beautiful and human and... Just.  Yes.

❥ My PLURK shows off the slight obsession fairly well with Andrew Scott as Jim Moriarty.  I spent the majority of the day working on a layout & icon combo that matched.  I'm kind of in love with that color of blue.

❥  I bought a nice pair of contacts from Pinky Paradise on Friday.  They're a beautiful aqua-teal color with a nice fade towards the pupil.  I can't wait till the come in the mail, it'll be a nice change from the blue ones I wear at the current moment.

❥  I'm really proud of myself, I've been working at least 3 times a week, and it's starting to show.  My body looks different in that you've-been-working-out kind of way.  More toned.  Firm.  It's nice.
12 January 2012 @ 03:31 pm
I have been working out lately, and by lately I mean since sometime in early December (and sporadically through November & October).  I started with the Wii-Fit, and then was like,"Fuck this shit." because I wasn't seeing any progress and every time I went up in weight I would immediately become disappointed.  It just wasn't working out how I expected, and while I knew that the Wii-Fit and a scale isn't the best way to judge your appearance, that's how it became.  It was like I was being judged by some stupid machine, and while I never saw my weight take a turn for the worse (never went past Normal), it was still really disheartening.

So, I moved on to other things, mainly work out DVDs.  Also.  Carmen Electra's Strip Tease Aerobic Shit.  And I'm starting to feel a real difference.  I can work out for longer every single time without wanting to flop on the floor like a dead fish.  I'm not working out very long, generally about a half-hour of constant exercises, but I feel better.  And I hope I'm starting to look a little better (I can't tell because I am my own worst judge).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I think a couple of weeks of working out is going to give me a brand new figure--Hell, I don't even need it to--but I am hoping that my effort (really.  effort here.) is starting to show.  Working out has started to make me feel better, different.  I feel as if I have a little more energy.  It could all be a bunch of bullshit, and in my head.

But I feel good.

And I want to keep feeling good, so I'm gonna keep going.  I'm just gonna keep away from the weights.  Thanks, but I don't want to look muscular.  I just wanna look toned.  And sexy.  ier.  Sexier.

30 December 2011 @ 11:55 am
I've made a dreamwidth account for any interested in adding me over there. I'll crosspost, though, so it's not like you'll miss anything if you don't
I lost internet two days before Christmas and just got it back today. It was Internet or food (and by food, I largely mean cookies and I'm tired of cookies).

I received quite a few presents, including the limited edition Bioshock 2, the glowing EVE hypo, a new Zune, a bunch of Portal 2 things (including a companion cube cookie jar and a Wheatley flashlight) and a ton of makeup and clothes. I also get to choose between a new gun, and a tablet; I'm leaning heavily towards the gun simply because I need a good one to carry on my person. My sister and brother each got quite a few lovely presents as well, and it's like this every year. I tell you, my father is the Gift Whisperer.

Also. I got pink bunny footies. My feet look like bunny heads, with floppy ears. I'm fucking adorable.

I spent my time without internet playing Skyrim (hnnn ilu Cicero), and Fatal Frame IV. I should finish Asscreed, but Skyrim calls; it can wait until I get tired of questing and killing bandits and sneaking (hah, as if).

I haven't worked out in a week, and am now feeling fat. I'm not, mind you, but I'm bloated and whiny and will say so even though it's untrue. Have I mentioned I hate cookies?

I seemed to have missed a ton in terms of LJ and it's goatly drama. A good chunk of games--including CFUD--are moving to DW. It's kind of... I dunno, I approve? I'm tired of the bullshit LJ presents, anyway. UnderworldWars is voting, and I'm praying the vote goes towards a move. I think it's good change, and DW seems much more considerate towards their customers than LJ is.

I'm gonna hold off on coming back from my hiatus in UWW until the 1st. I still need to catch up with all my shit, and deal with Christmas aftermath.
14 December 2011 @ 07:40 am
My anxiety has been acting up, and making it hard to sleep even after taking a sleeping pill. I thought I knew what was causing it, but I was wrong.

In more awesome news, Alan Wake: American Nightmare is looking pretty pimp. Alan Wake has a snazzy flannel. I like his snazzy flannel.
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26 November 2011 @ 08:59 pm
As a little girl, more than anything in the entire world, I wanted to be Sailor Moon. She was my idol, the person I tried my hardest to be like. I would cry at night, a lot of it induced by the panic attacks I had as little girl and still have to today, because I knew I would never grow up to be as beautiful or as kind or as wonderful. I would never live forever. I would never save the world. I would never have a love like hers.

I wanted to be Sailor Moon more than anything, and I would pray to God that if he could grant me this one wish that I would save the world over and over again. I knew it would never come true, but it didn't stop me from wishing every single night as a child. I would look to the stars, and wish. I would wish before I fell asleep. Sailor Moon became more than a television show, it became who I needed to be.

It may sound silly for a grown woman to admit this, but I still want to be Sailor Moon. I still want to be strong, and beautiful, and selfless. And every day I try and strive to be just that. I've been working hard to be Sailor Moon since I was a little girl, and even though I've never had the chance to become a super hero, never saved the world, and I may never live forever, I feel like trying to be her made me a better person.

There are a million things that have made me who I am today, but Sailor Moon is one of those things, and I will never forget it.
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19 November 2011 @ 11:21 pm
spent all day in the woods, taking pretty pictures whilst the men-folk gut the deer.  it was a bad idea to go, no matter how many pretty (and disgusting) pictures i got from it.  my fever came back, and i came home exhausted; didn't even get to eat any "ohmygod, my cousin is 4" cake.  that's bullshit.  because my aunt made him a cars cake with that red car and tow-mater; very awesome cake making skills indeed.

i'm having anxiety issues out the ass for no apparent reason, and am getting shaky and confused.  maybe it's just the illness bothering me.  maybe i'll watch tv.  i don't have the brain for computer right now, anyway.

also.  the cat was put down, and nobody thought to tell him.  it's kind of upsetting.
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16 November 2011 @ 12:40 pm
I fucking love Assassin's Creed.  And even though Revelations makes me want to sob (ohgod, why why why), I love it.  Especially the multiplayer.  And the music, ohmygod, I've got such a love for the music of the game.

And 16.  Just.  Oh.  My. God.

Also.  If this censorship bill gets passed, I swear to God something will happen.
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skkkkeeeerrrmmmmmmmmm tonight.  skerm so excited.  skkeeerrrmmm.

and by skerm, I mean skyrim, but I like saying skerm.

skerm, y'all.

Also, thinking of apping Neo-Queen to UWW.  Cause I'm kind of in love with the game.  I didn't think anything would replace Luceti, but...

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06 November 2011 @ 09:31 am
God, I wish my state went back to the way we used to deal with the time change: we just didn't fucking change.  Yeah.  We were so pimp we didn't need to change our time.  While most everyone scurried to turn back the clocks, we just went on our merry way and let our clocks be.  Now we don't.


I miss the good old days.
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05 November 2011 @ 03:37 pm
Kind of spent 200+ on games yesterday, most of them preorders.  I almost feel as if that was a bit excessive.


It's gonna be worth it.
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I had the worst nightmare last night. It was just... insane, and it was frighteningly similar to other dreams I've had.

My mother was getting married, and I was planning the wedding. Everything was going perfectly. The wedding was going to take place at my old high school because of how large it was, and I was picking up the bride and groom (and another person who is escaping my memory). I cried as we were heading to the school, and I was blamed for trying to steal spotlight from my mother, and for not being happy for her; I tried to explain, rather desperately, that I was just happy that I got to be so involved.

We arrive at the school, and there are people here and there. A few I recognize, and a few I don't. Everyone was dressed beautifully, and the decorations were stunning. Without any warning, people started panicking and piling out of the school. There were screams, and blood. A firetruck arrives, the emergency lights are what I remember the most vividly, and the firemen enter the school.

I head in after, determined to find out what was going on. I encounter the chief, a medium built black man, and demand to know. He ignores. I'm furious, so I follow after him. It's then a strange man, hobbling, and reaching his arms out enters the hallway we're in. The chief looks at him, and then me, and says,"There isn't going to be a wedding."

It's then I realize that more than half the guests are dead, and people are still screaming and bleeding and panicking. The chief leaves the hallway through a side door, and the strange, hobbling man turns towards me. I have no idea what took me so long to realize that this man, all bloodied and torn, wasn't alive. I race from the school, having to go a long, and roundabout way to find the exit due to the amassing dead. There isn't time to kill them because I have to get back to my mother.

I make it out there, and her fiance is dead. She's crying. Everyone is crying. I'm flooded with guilt because this was my fault; I was supposed to pick them up sooner for the wedding, but I think I got sidetracked. If they had gotten here sooner, they might have had a chance to be married before this mess happened.

More happened, but I can't remember the rest. Only bits and pieces. I just know it was absolutely horrible, and even after I got up I couldn't shake the guilt and terror from me. The dream made sense, and didn't run off on some odd tangent like most of my nightmares do, and I just... I'm still reeling.
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29 October 2011 @ 08:07 pm
We're putting up our Christmas Tree right now, and listening to Christmas music; it's brought a nice feeling.

I love the Christmas feeling.
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25 October 2011 @ 03:20 pm
I have quite literally been on the computer less than 5 hours the last--I dunno--five days? It's not a bad thing, I suppose, but RP requires a little more time pumped into it than I've been able to provide. Luckily, things will settle by tomorrow.

The last episode of Psych was quite possibly the best in Psych history. JSYK.

Uhm. I've been super busy. Mom has been suffering from severe depression, but it's getting better. Dog has fleas. Makes me feel like I have fleas. Saturday got smashed. Sunday spent hungover. Monday couldn't move too much. Today is much better. Tomorrow will be even better.
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20 October 2011 @ 12:18 pm
The saddest, and most beautiful thing in the world is when a mother gives up her own life so that her child may live.
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16 October 2011 @ 04:41 pm
There is just not enough time in the day.
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13 October 2011 @ 03:14 pm
Not feeling RP at the moment.  Not anyone's fault, obviously.  I'm just in one of those lazy ass moods where the only thing I want to do is veg.  Did that yesterday, too.  I wish there was a way to motivate myself because I notice I don't do well if I just kick myself into doing it--it all comes out half-assed and much much much slower than I usually.  ohgod, i'm so slow compared to others.  /LE SIGH

This weekend we'll be doing a Misa Amane photoshoot.  It's going to have a story to it, so that it isn't just a bunch of *SEXY POSE* *CUTE POSE* *SEXY POSE BY A COLUMN*  *LAZY POSE ON  BED* kind of shit, because I hate that.  I hope it turns out well.  We'll be doing it at my grandparents house because the main bedroom is gorgeous, and elegant, and the attached bathroom has a kind of modern feel to it.  Hopefully, it'll turn out semi-decent.

Also.  It's dark and rainy.  That's probably not helping the lazy I'm feeling--Oh, it was that way yesterday, too!  I've found my cause!  BLAME THE WEATHER FOR LACK OF MOTIVATION.  oh, but the weather is so nice.  it should be this way forever.  or snowy.  all the snow in the world.  with more snow.  and cold.  and christmasy.
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12 October 2011 @ 12:39 pm
First.  Check this out.

Second.  I am so going.

Sadly, it's not going to be here until June 2012, but who the fuck cares?  Zombie obstacle course?  Really?  That's like a dream come true.  Plus, it means I have a reason to start running & working out again (I know, you need a reason to work out?  Well, duh.).  Also, it means new work out clothes.  Also also?  Zombies.

There's a new Fable book coming out!  And while it's about Ben Finn (a character I couldn't get invested in, sorry, Ben, but you're no Reaver), I'm still excited because a Gnnoommmeee is in it.  A shit-talking gnome.  I mean, come on?  The gnomes were the best part of Fable III.  A book that has one in it?  Sign me up, please.
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