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LUNARE(clipse) ([personal profile] lunareism) wrote2011-07-13 11:43 am
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  • I have spent the last several days vomit-y.  Like unable to eat, unable to keep things down, severe heartburn, and nightmares.  The heat is just, ugh, killing me.  Literally, maybe.  Mother tried to send me to the emergency room, but lolololo I'm going to the doctor on Saturday so no hospital.
  • I can't derp on the computer because I'm so sick.  Not kidding.  It gives me a migraine, so the most I get done is just about nothing.  It makes me :C.
  • I just watched the Revelations E3 trailer (again), and it looks even more awesome on my tv.  Even my mother is excited (I don't know who isn't).  It takes my breath away every single time.
  • My dog knocked over our dvd shelf, and popped a can of starter fluid.  Now my house smells like gas.  All because some asshole wanted to mow our grass.  Look.  If I wanted you to mow our grass, I'd ask.  Don't come knocking on my door, and then cowering because my dog wants to rip your throat open.  Grow some balls.

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