lunareism: (tiem to get to work alan)
LUNARE(clipse) ([personal profile] lunareism) wrote2011-10-12 12:39 pm

ohmygosh it's zombie tiem

First.  Check this out.

Second.  I am so going.

Sadly, it's not going to be here until June 2012, but who the fuck cares?  Zombie obstacle course?  Really?  That's like a dream come true.  Plus, it means I have a reason to start running & working out again (I know, you need a reason to work out?  Well, duh.).  Also, it means new work out clothes.  Also also?  Zombies.

There's a new Fable book coming out!  And while it's about Ben Finn (a character I couldn't get invested in, sorry, Ben, but you're no Reaver), I'm still excited because a Gnnoommmeee is in it.  A shit-talking gnome.  I mean, come on?  The gnomes were the best part of Fable III.  A book that has one in it?  Sign me up, please.

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