10 April 2012 @ 02:55 pm
On Easter Sunday, I went to check up on my parakeet (George) because he had been acting strangely.  As I was checking on him, I noticed something very strange: in the corner of his cage there were four very tiny, and very real bird eggs.  Admittedly, it took me a minute or two of staring to realize that, yes, my boy bird was not a boy bird, and he had indeed laid eggs.

My boy bird.  Was a girl bird.  And I've called her George for nearly 12 years.  TOO LATE TO CHANGE THAT NOW.

Easter was hectic, and spent with the family.  We watched Battle: Los Angeles (which I really enjoyed), and then followed it up with Shutter (American Remake), all the while eating sweet ham, deviled eggs that were speckled in greens and pinks, and the best potato salad in the world (seriously).  It was loud, and migraine inducing, but enjoyable.  We were going to watch Dawn of The Dead (Remake) because zombies are kind of necessary during Zombie Jesus Day, but it was getting late, and schools started back up on Monday.

Speaking of Monday, I made bread for the very first time, and I must tell you that it wasn't pretty.  For some reason, the bread didn't rise (I'm thinking it may have been due to how cool it was in the house), and so it ended up very dense, but still good.  It looked kind of like a squiggly caterpillar.  Without the hair.

BUT.  I plan to try again today!