13 October 2011 @ 03:14 pm
Not feeling RP at the moment.  Not anyone's fault, obviously.  I'm just in one of those lazy ass moods where the only thing I want to do is veg.  Did that yesterday, too.  I wish there was a way to motivate myself because I notice I don't do well if I just kick myself into doing it--it all comes out half-assed and much much much slower than I usually.  ohgod, i'm so slow compared to others.  /LE SIGH

This weekend we'll be doing a Misa Amane photoshoot.  It's going to have a story to it, so that it isn't just a bunch of *SEXY POSE* *CUTE POSE* *SEXY POSE BY A COLUMN*  *LAZY POSE ON  BED* kind of shit, because I hate that.  I hope it turns out well.  We'll be doing it at my grandparents house because the main bedroom is gorgeous, and elegant, and the attached bathroom has a kind of modern feel to it.  Hopefully, it'll turn out semi-decent.

Also.  It's dark and rainy.  That's probably not helping the lazy I'm feeling--Oh, it was that way yesterday, too!  I've found my cause!  BLAME THE WEATHER FOR LACK OF MOTIVATION.  oh, but the weather is so nice.  it should be this way forever.  or snowy.  all the snow in the world.  with more snow.  and cold.  and christmasy.
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21 September 2011 @ 05:28 pm
I hate trying to come up with a good 1st post for my characters.  It's hard to write one that isn't just,"where am I, how did I get here".  They're hard to make interesting, especially with a character like Alice.  I mean, my best bet would be to go with one that's mostly subtle panic, some tears, and not much vocal action from her, but then I'm worried it'd be too attention-whorey.

She was just released from The Dark Place, so panic would be realistic, but would it be interesting?  Fucking RP, and trying to make posts intriguing & replyable.

In other news, I'm breaking out badly.  A lot worse than I have in years.  My confidence is really taking a hit from it.  I kind of just want to hide away until they disappear.
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04 March 2011 @ 02:17 pm
I keep meaning to post NQS's application, but I look at the personality and just... falter.  It looks so incomplete compared to most of the stuff I've written, and trying to rewrite it tends to make it more jumbled.  I keep forgetting that she's still USAGI TSUKINO, and focus more on the bits & pieces we get about her from the manga.

She's still bright, and loving, just with an added flair of maturity.  She's made more sacrifices to be queen than most people think, as did her friends and soldiers.  There's still immaturity left in her.  And and and.  Oh.  I wish I could just describe her in a few sentences and leave it at that.

Not to mention, I'm worried about how people will view her.  Most people that play her, play her as fairly serious, and I'm, well, not going to go that route.  Cosmos, I can see as being serious and sickeningly sweet, but Neo-Queen?  No.  At least, not to me.  Oh god, I'm going to do something wrong.

Also.  Contemplating dropping Alice from Luceti.  I love playing her, but I'm starting to think it's just not the right place.  BUT I LOVE PLAYING HER.  DILEMMA!  DILEEEMMMAAAAA!  Maybe I need to find another place to play her, but Luna's Alllaaannn is so good. /waffles everywhere, with lots of butter
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01 December 2010 @ 09:19 am
I wish there was some sort of update I could give you all, but the most I can think of (the most my brain will allow at this moment) is that I'm very, very sick.  I'm spending most of my time on the couch, rotating between the occasional nap, watching TV (though napping + tv go hand in hand), or playing a video game.  I haven't really spared much than an occasional scroll through of my f-list, and it's even worse for Luceti; I mean, I honestly haven't answered a tag since the, hurrrppp, 19th (sorry).

It's kind of bumming me out because I don't really have the brain capacity to play Kadaj, and I really wanted to fuck with him during the event (lulz, him running around thinking he's a priest for Jenova's Witnesses and handing out fliers would've been pretty damn epic).  I'm feeling absolutely terrible about it all because I hate making people wait (sorry again).  So, I put up a hiatus, though I haven't really touched the OOC comm without it; there's not much reason to, honestly.

Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Anyone have magical medicine that will cure me of my ailments?  I'd love you forever!
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23 August 2010 @ 11:15 am
- I am really, really sick. So much so that I am bedridden, or rather couchridden. Hello, big screen, you are my new love.

- I am writing three applications. Aya from IU, Alice from Alan Wake, and Emily from The Best Game Ever That Should Be Made Into a Terrible Yet Awesome Movie. I think I love writing applications.

- I'm derping around with icons and profile images. I think I like doing that more than doing applications. I like the derpiness. I like the prettyful. I am fucking awesome, even with a stuffy nose and painful throat.

- I love fucking hard candies.

- I fucking love Luceti + am looking forward to these damn applications. I R EXCITED. RITE! RITE!

- I hate when the HMD rolls around because I pay more attention to it than tags. Screw you tags, I must spread de lurve.
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