06 September 2011 @ 11:30 am
I've kind of been gone the last week or so. A lot of it due to the fact that my computer had a virus, and after killing it, we decided we might as well reformat. I like clean copies of Windows; it gives me a chance to redecorate my computer, and reorganize and be an overall neat freak. It also gives me a chance to reinstall photoshop & sims 3 and all my fun games to a hopefully better working condition now that our version of Windows isn't slightly corrupted.

Lots of stress in the family. My grandmother was let off Monday, so now she's jobless which is, well, very bad. She's been angry, and depressed, and it just hasn't been fun; she's also been hitting the bottle again, admittedly not beer or wine, but bailey's. I don't think she's been taking her medication, either.

I hope you all have been having a good week, and if you haven't then here's to this one being a little better than last. ♥ Also. It's cold outside. Yay. C:
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22 July 2011 @ 10:24 am
Wow, I am just--Wow.  Stupid as hell, or something.  I've had to redo my Kadaj application to The Rotting twice because I miscounted my first person.  I mean, just... what the fuck?  Talk about embarrassing.

I don't even have an excuse, other than my own stupidity.  /sobs, why so blind, me?

I'm also insanely nervous to be playing him there because the cast is kind of, just maybe a little awesome.  And I'm rusty.  Super, super rusty.  I feel like I'm just getting into the character again.  And I'm going to fail.  And no one is going to like me.  AND I AM GOING TO FAIL.  Probably twice, all at once.  I FEEL LIKE THE MARIO IN MY ICON.

In other news, I have ants invading my kitchen.  No matter how much I clean it, and scrub it, and make sure it's as tidy-nice as it can get.  THEY JUST KEEP COMING.  I swear, I feel like I'm going to go insane.  GO AWAY, ANTS.  LEAVE MY KITCHEN ALONE.  And the hot water heater is on the fritz, and leaking, so there's water all over the laundry room and it smells like musty water and that means I have to turn the hot water heater on/off when I need it/don't need it and it's uggghh.  this house is falling apart.  with ants.  I bet it's the ants.  Making the house fall apart.

Also, my Aunt moved to Canada.  And at first I didn't care, but I miss my cousins so much.  And she's getting married.  To someone she met online.  In WoW.  Who I don't trust one inkling.  I just can't quite understand, and while everyone is happy she's gone (a mean thing, I know), I can't help but want her back.  Sure, she was a lazy bitch, who couldn't properly take care of her children because derpderp WoW was way more important, but... I miss them so much.  The night before they left, I spent it crying because I'm going to miss Warren so much.
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01 November 2010 @ 05:01 pm
viiddeoo gammmeeee mmeeemeee )

All right.  I should talk about my weekend because it was kind of awesome.  My best friend ended up canceling her party on Saturday, so instead I went out with my dad and aunt to Necropolis.  We had gone last year, and it was so much fun and scary.  This year, however?  Not so much, at least not scary.  I don't know if it was the women in front of us who were the typical stereotype of black women, and screamed and yelped and had me rolling on the ground laughing (it was hilarious), or if it was the lack of workers, but it just wasn't... scary.  At all.  But it sure was a confidence booster.

Why?  Because I was hit on.  A lot.  Called pretty, and cute.  The workers complimented my heels and all that jazz.  God, I love myself sometimes (shuddup, it's good to have some self-confidence).  Also, I had done my hair in a cute butterfly braid.  So adorable.

After the haunted house, we headed to Denny's.  Mind you, we got out of the haunted house at 12:14.  We didn't get out of Denny's until around 2 am, and it was packed.  And that was my Saturday of awesome.

Halloween was your typical halloween.  Went to my grandparents, took my dog with me, had a cookout with hotdogs, burgers, brauts, ribs, etc. etc.  I made a new burger that was topped with carmalized onions, blue cheese, various greens, and spicy mayo; it was amazingly delicious, and I urge you all to try it.  My aunt took the kids out trick or treating while the rest of the adults watched horror movies (first on the list was Night of the Living Dead (not the remake, that sucks), which despite how old it was, had my grandmother cringing).  We made candied apples, and carved pumpkins, sorted candy, and got ZERO trick or treaters.  I was happy about that.

RP WISE: I've had a strong urge to play Kadaj somewhere, and while I'm actually working on an application for Luceti for him, I don't know if I'll submit it.  I want to, but I don't know if I want to.  You know?
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05 September 2010 @ 09:29 pm
I have three cakes to bake, and a ton of pillow cookies to finish.  All need to be done by tonight.  Of course, knowing me I'll procrastinate until tomorrow and have to do a rush job on everything.  I'm so good.

My aunt's boyfriend arrived today from Canada, and we're doing a whole cook-out family thing.  Grilling burgers, brats, and dogs.  Taking Chomps with us to meet their new dog, Swiffer (she calls him Inu-no-Taisho, but I think Swiffer is cuter and far less gay).  It's going to be a stress filled day tomorrow.  So much stress I'll explode.

I think I may have caught pneumonia.  I'll probably have my grandfather listen to my chest tomorrow and see what he thinks.  I guess it's a good thing I'm going to the doctor this week for my blood tests.  I'm also almost out of my medication, which is a wonderful thing because I hate taking them.  Three more days.  Three more days!  Only three more days to go!

Also.  RP doesn't exist on weekends.  I feel bad when I don't get to tags asap, but I rarely have time to jot out one or two before I have to go do something else.
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