14 December 2011 @ 07:40 am
My anxiety has been acting up, and making it hard to sleep even after taking a sleeping pill. I thought I knew what was causing it, but I was wrong.

In more awesome news, Alan Wake: American Nightmare is looking pretty pimp. Alan Wake has a snazzy flannel. I like his snazzy flannel.
Current Mood: anxious
23 August 2010 @ 11:15 am
- I am really, really sick. So much so that I am bedridden, or rather couchridden. Hello, big screen, you are my new love.

- I am writing three applications. Aya from IU, Alice from Alan Wake, and Emily from The Best Game Ever That Should Be Made Into a Terrible Yet Awesome Movie. I think I love writing applications.

- I'm derping around with icons and profile images. I think I like doing that more than doing applications. I like the derpiness. I like the prettyful. I am fucking awesome, even with a stuffy nose and painful throat.

- I love fucking hard candies.

- I fucking love Luceti + am looking forward to these damn applications. I R EXCITED. RITE! RITE!

- I hate when the HMD rolls around because I pay more attention to it than tags. Screw you tags, I must spread de lurve.
Current Mood: very very sick
Current Music: SHINee - Lucifer