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LUNARE(clipse) ([personal profile] lunareism) wrote2012-01-12 03:31 pm

that one song about being sexy and knowing it

I have been working out lately, and by lately I mean since sometime in early December (and sporadically through November & October).  I started with the Wii-Fit, and then was like,"Fuck this shit." because I wasn't seeing any progress and every time I went up in weight I would immediately become disappointed.  It just wasn't working out how I expected, and while I knew that the Wii-Fit and a scale isn't the best way to judge your appearance, that's how it became.  It was like I was being judged by some stupid machine, and while I never saw my weight take a turn for the worse (never went past Normal), it was still really disheartening.

So, I moved on to other things, mainly work out DVDs.  Also.  Carmen Electra's Strip Tease Aerobic Shit.  And I'm starting to feel a real difference.  I can work out for longer every single time without wanting to flop on the floor like a dead fish.  I'm not working out very long, generally about a half-hour of constant exercises, but I feel better.  And I hope I'm starting to look a little better (I can't tell because I am my own worst judge).

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that I think a couple of weeks of working out is going to give me a brand new figure--Hell, I don't even need it to--but I am hoping that my effort (really.  effort here.) is starting to show.  Working out has started to make me feel better, different.  I feel as if I have a little more energy.  It could all be a bunch of bullshit, and in my head.

But I feel good.

And I want to keep feeling good, so I'm gonna keep going.  I'm just gonna keep away from the weights.  Thanks, but I don't want to look muscular.  I just wanna look toned.  And sexy.  ier.  Sexier.

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