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I've made a dreamwidth account for any interested in adding me over there. I'll crosspost, though, so it's not like you'll miss anything if you don't
I lost internet two days before Christmas and just got it back today. It was Internet or food (and by food, I largely mean cookies and I'm tired of cookies).

I received quite a few presents, including the limited edition Bioshock 2, the glowing EVE hypo, a new Zune, a bunch of Portal 2 things (including a companion cube cookie jar and a Wheatley flashlight) and a ton of makeup and clothes. I also get to choose between a new gun, and a tablet; I'm leaning heavily towards the gun simply because I need a good one to carry on my person. My sister and brother each got quite a few lovely presents as well, and it's like this every year. I tell you, my father is the Gift Whisperer.

Also. I got pink bunny footies. My feet look like bunny heads, with floppy ears. I'm fucking adorable.

I spent my time without internet playing Skyrim (hnnn ilu Cicero), and Fatal Frame IV. I should finish Asscreed, but Skyrim calls; it can wait until I get tired of questing and killing bandits and sneaking (hah, as if).

I haven't worked out in a week, and am now feeling fat. I'm not, mind you, but I'm bloated and whiny and will say so even though it's untrue. Have I mentioned I hate cookies?

I seemed to have missed a ton in terms of LJ and it's goatly drama. A good chunk of games--including CFUD--are moving to DW. It's kind of... I dunno, I approve? I'm tired of the bullshit LJ presents, anyway. UnderworldWars is voting, and I'm praying the vote goes towards a move. I think it's good change, and DW seems much more considerate towards their customers than LJ is.

I'm gonna hold off on coming back from my hiatus in UWW until the 1st. I still need to catch up with all my shit, and deal with Christmas aftermath.

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Yeah... I was against the big move at first, but then I created a personal journal on DW and the more I tinkered around with it, the more I realized that I do like DW better. So now I do approve of the move, even if it's gonna be troublesome for a few days and it takes forever to import entries.

Also, the bunny footies sound adorable.
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Do it. Do iiiit. All of those things you mentioned in your comment. Do them all.