lunareism: (in the beginning we didn't know)
LUNARE(clipse) ([personal profile] lunareism) wrote2011-11-02 11:04 am

i don't think i'll plan another dream wedding for a while.

I had the worst nightmare last night. It was just... insane, and it was frighteningly similar to other dreams I've had.

My mother was getting married, and I was planning the wedding. Everything was going perfectly. The wedding was going to take place at my old high school because of how large it was, and I was picking up the bride and groom (and another person who is escaping my memory). I cried as we were heading to the school, and I was blamed for trying to steal spotlight from my mother, and for not being happy for her; I tried to explain, rather desperately, that I was just happy that I got to be so involved.

We arrive at the school, and there are people here and there. A few I recognize, and a few I don't. Everyone was dressed beautifully, and the decorations were stunning. Without any warning, people started panicking and piling out of the school. There were screams, and blood. A firetruck arrives, the emergency lights are what I remember the most vividly, and the firemen enter the school.

I head in after, determined to find out what was going on. I encounter the chief, a medium built black man, and demand to know. He ignores. I'm furious, so I follow after him. It's then a strange man, hobbling, and reaching his arms out enters the hallway we're in. The chief looks at him, and then me, and says,"There isn't going to be a wedding."

It's then I realize that more than half the guests are dead, and people are still screaming and bleeding and panicking. The chief leaves the hallway through a side door, and the strange, hobbling man turns towards me. I have no idea what took me so long to realize that this man, all bloodied and torn, wasn't alive. I race from the school, having to go a long, and roundabout way to find the exit due to the amassing dead. There isn't time to kill them because I have to get back to my mother.

I make it out there, and her fiance is dead. She's crying. Everyone is crying. I'm flooded with guilt because this was my fault; I was supposed to pick them up sooner for the wedding, but I think I got sidetracked. If they had gotten here sooner, they might have had a chance to be married before this mess happened.

More happened, but I can't remember the rest. Only bits and pieces. I just know it was absolutely horrible, and even after I got up I couldn't shake the guilt and terror from me. The dream made sense, and didn't run off on some odd tangent like most of my nightmares do, and I just... I'm still reeling.

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